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Punta Cana Fishing Tips!

Punta Cana Fishing Tips #1 make sure the people giving you the service has a legal company with insured boats and tourist government permits #2 check in trip advisor and the web for their reviews and comments of there service and clients experiences of the company that is going the service #3 once you have picked your supplier for your fishing trip make sure to write to the managers to send you photos of the boat’s current ma maintenance and background information as well of the legal permits for working with tourism #4 You should not buy a fishing excursion From a salesman on the beach or outside of your hotel #5 the prices for a private charter 4 hours of fishing $550-$750 depending on the boat and amount of people #6 once you have gotten to your excursion check that in the vessel that it has all the safety measures and that it works fine Look for: Life jackets Engines working Fire extinguisher The crew had proper uniform Fishing gear and if it works properly #7 one of the most important things is the ground transportation , make sure that the vehicle is just for your party and that the vehicle will be waiting for you by the time you come back from the trip one of the company’s most respected in fishing private charters and catamaran is Atlantida Punta Cana because of the personnel attention of the owners and vessels maintenance and of the verified Captain and Crew. With more than 10 years of experience in Private VIP charters in Punta Cana For more info;

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